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1st December 2020

Launch of Young Persons Opportunity Scheme...

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27th November 2020

Notice of conclusion of audit 2019/2020...

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20th November 2020


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16th November 2020


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13th November 2020


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19th October 2020

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Background In February and March 2019 local residents were invited to attend one of a series of workshops funded by the Environment Agency, and led by Dr Darrell Smith (Lecturer in Environmental Modelling, University of Cumbria).

A total of 136 people attended one of five workshops, one of which was specifically for young people aged 11-16 years old. A specific workshop was held at Staveley CE Primary School and involved 129 pupils.

Darrell used an approach called “fuzzy cognitive mapping”. We were asked to describe what we valued about living in Staveley, Ings and Kentmere, and then to map how these things connected with each other and the strength of these connections.

Results and initial analysis Darrell analysed these responses. Initially, he identified 61 “concepts”. He also analysed the direction and strengths of “connections” between them.

A working group of volunteers reviewed the results as a basis for developing the Staveley with Ings Community Plan. This included reducing the 61 concepts to a more manageable 19 and clumping them into five priorities, which will be the building blocks for the Community Plan:

• Nature and the environment which includes:

– Affinity with the landscape

– Recreation in the environment

– Protecting, caring for and enhancing the environment

• Staveley and Ings society which includes:

– Mixed and accepting community

– Activities that build and sustain the community

– Personal safety

– Education and learning

– Unique community spirit

– Village heritage

• Our local economy which includes:

– Local access to a range of services and shops

– Employment and business opportunities

– Visitors

• Our community facilities and services which includes:

– Facilities for play, sport and the arts

– Facilities for the village to come together

– Services for health and social care

– A wide range of support services

• Planning and making decisions which include:

– Local governance

– Planning the built environment

– Access and traffic

– Communications strategy

You can see:

More analysis and mapping here

Descriptions of the 19 priorities here

The actual data here

The Conversation Themes linked to a review of the plan here

Contribute your ideas for the plan here

Contact Staveley with Ings Parish Council
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