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30th June 2019

Flood Risk Management scheme update...

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2nd June 2019

Internal audit report re accounts 2018-19...

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2nd June 2019

Public Inspection of Annual accounts 2018-19...

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27th May 2019

Future Service provision in Staveley...

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26th April 2019

Staveley Village Foul & Storm Water drainage...

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15th March 2019

Bowston Weir Removal Proposal...

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We Need Your Opinions!

This is a year of consultations in Staveley and Ings. We have several to ask you about and we would really appreciate it if you could fill in this questionnaire:

We are conducting a long term (10-15 year) strategic plan for Staveley. It will include many of the issues that may affect the area in the future. We would like to know what issues are important to you, what you’d like in the plan and all your ideas, comments and opinions on the matter.

You can access the questionnaire here:

We are keen to hear from residents, businesses, employees and visitors to Staveley and Ings. If you know of anyone who has an interest in our Parish please let them know about these consultations.

These questionnaires are digital and this is the easiest way for us to collate the responses, however, paper versions are available and can be returned by post. Please contact us if you would like a paper copy.

You can also easily link to these questionnaires from our Facebook page: Staveley with Ings Parish Council

Many Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Kidd

Chair, Staveley with Ings Parish Council

Data So Far

The results of our strategic plan so far can be found here:

Please bear in mind this is raw data and the results have not been compiled yet and no plan has been finalised. It is hoped that the plan will be able to be presented publicly summer 2019 along with the results of ‘The Conversation’ which is running concurrently.



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