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19th October 2020

Make your contribution to the Community plan here...

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9th September 2020


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7th September 2020

Community Plan for Staveley with Ings...

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22nd July 2020


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15th July 2020

New Councillor appointed for Over Staveley ward...

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3rd June 2020


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This is your opportunity to help write our first 

COMMUNITY PLAN for Staveley with Ings.

Why write a Community Plan?

There are many fantastic things about Staveley with Ings but there are many challenges. We need to act together if we are to preserve what is good about the community and to make it even better.
A Community Plan belongs to a community. That means we can all be involved in writing it and putting it into action.
It will provide us with a framework of principles and values for the next ten years as well as specific actions for the time being.

Where are we up to?

Last year we invited everyone to be involved in The Conversation and to complete an on-line Survey. A small working party used these to identify Five Key Themes for the plan –
Nature and the Environment
Staveley with Ings Society
Our Local Economy
Our Community Services and Facilities
Planning and making decisions

What happens now?

It’s time to suggest actions that you can take as individuals, groups and businesses completing the contribution sheet – on-line or on paper.
In the New Year, all the suggestions will be used to write Staveley with Ings Community Plan. This will include an action plan.

What happens next?

When The Staveley with Ings Community Plan is published we will be able to see what people plan to do across the community. You get involved in these or take our own actions.
The Parish Council will invite all members of the community to contribute to an annual review of the action plan so that we can see the progress we have made and make changes.

You can

Find out more about the Community Plan here

Contribute your ideas for the plan here

Contact Staveley with Ings Parish Council
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