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26th October 2019


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30th June 2019

Flood Risk Management scheme update...

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2nd June 2019

Internal audit report re accounts 2018-19...

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2nd June 2019

Public Inspection of Annual accounts 2018-19...

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27th May 2019

Future Service provision in Staveley...

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26th April 2019

Staveley Village Foul & Storm Water drainage...

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In recent years he Village Sewage and Drainage system has been shown to be inadequate and this has resulted in raw sewage being discharged into highways and the river system

United Utilities who are responsible for water and sewage systems are aware of the issue and have proposals to correct the problem. However these are not in their current capital programme mainly because few complaints have been registered with them

The Parish Council are committed to ensure that upgrading works are carried out as quickly as possible for the safety of the Community and would like your support by reporting all incidents

The village has a combined foul and storm water system and what appears to be coming out of manholes will invariably contain sewage. It does not just affect the immediate location it pollutes cars pets pushchairs and footwear etc. and the contamination may well extend into your home or business.

Discharges also flow into the local waterways affecting wildlife.

If you are aware of any historical incidents of pollution or are aware of any locations where there have been discharges from manholes please advise (Parish Councillor)

For future incidents (which normally occur after heavy rainfall) please report them to United Utilities on 0800 015 1230 or 0345 672 3723 and also (Parish Councillor) if possible

You will need to provide

1) Your name & contact number

2) The location of the incident

3) Where the discharge is flowing to – This is particularly important if it is a river or within a property

Ask united Utilities for a Job Number (not a location reference) and confirmation when they will inspect the problem

Response times for discharges should be 2 hrs to a watercourse 4 hours to a home and a day elsewhere ( this does not seem reasonable where Public Health is concerned but this is all they are obliged to do by Statute)

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated

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