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2018 Survey

Top Ten Issues Raised – Most seem to relate mostly to Staveley

 This survey was carried out on-line in late 2018, and round 150 people responded. The verbatim responses can be found here.

This is a summary of the Top 10 issues:

 1 Traffic management

·      Slow traffic through the village
·      Large vehicles to enter and leave Staveley at the northern end
·      Ease access on to the A591

 2 Parking controls

·      “A bold parking policy”
·      A car park which could generate income for the parish
·      Then control on-street parking

 3 A plan for housing – the most controversial topic

·      We need affordable housing for local people
BUT on the other hand
·      Staveley has had too many new houses built resulting in undue pressure on infrastructure
·      Cap on second homes – opinion divided on visitor numbers

 4 Green spaces and the public realm

·      Protect green spaces from new building and plant more trees
·      Seating in the village centre (“village square”) and by the riverside
·      Tidy up – move recycling centre, more litter bins regularly emptied, green public spaces

 5 Make it safer to walk in and around the villages

·      Some pavements and roads need repair
·      Some walking routes remain unsafe
·      Some junctions are hazardous

 6 Improved public transport

·      The station platform needs to be accessible for all
·      All trains on the Oxenholme-Windermere line should stop at Staveley
·      Buses need to be more affordable

 7 Specialist housing and care for older and disabled people within the parish

·      Purpose-built sheltered housing
·      Which would free up family homes for younger families
·      A purpose-built social care home

 8 More for children and young people

·      Concerns that there was not enough for children and young people who are growing up in the parish
·      Ideas include a pump track, football pitch and/or cricket pitch
·      Plus improvements to the school eg it should be accessible for all, there should be an attached nursery, and children should be able to walk and cycle safely to school

 9    Reduce the carbon footprint

·      We should keep the shops and services we have so we can get what we need within the parish
·      A farmers’ market would help us to source food locally
·      More allotments to meet local needs

 10   The role of the Parish Council

·      The survey was generally (although not universally!) welcomed as a way of starting a dialogue with the local community
·      The Parish Council should hold a record of our valued assets
·      Some community facilities need updating

 One respondent summed up by saying that:
“We should see Staveley as a fantastic working Lakeland village within the national park.”

The following resources were included in the 2018 survey

Staveley ideas map this is a draft document intended to highlight many of the issues to be considered in the plan consultation.

Inset-Map-30-Staveley this is a map of Staveley showing the current land allocations from the Lake District National Park Authority.

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