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16th November 2020


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Planning the future together

Staveley with Ings Parish Council is coordinating the Community Plan and everyone can be involved. The last Parish Plan was written in 2013 and reviewed five years later to show much had been achieved. It’s now time for a new plan.

Many of us have already contributed by joining The Conversation events in 2019 when we explored what we value most about the area and how these link together, and/or by responding to an On-line Survey in 2018. The Community Plan also needs to reflect more recent developments including the impact of Covid-19, the growing recognition of the climate crisis and the proposals to close the Abbey Care Home.

The things we value about living in Staveley with Ings include, the unique community spirit within a mixed and accepting community, green space and affinity with the landscape, local access to services and shops, and employment and business opportunities.

We recognised the challenges. For example, we are concerned about too much traffic, expensive and unreliable public transport, and how the public spaces sometimes look uncared for.

Of course, we don’t all agree about everything and there are some areas where are viewpoints differ for example: some of us think parking in the village centres should be restricted, while others believe it is essential for our businesses; some think we need more affordable housing so that local people can stay in this community, and others are concerned that more houses will change the character of our villages.

These values, challenges and different viewpoints have shaped priorities for the Community plan. They fall under five headings:

• Nature and the Environment

• Staveley with Ings Society

• Our Economy

• Our community Services and Facilities

• Planning and making decisions

It’s worth saying that some things (e.g waterways, road maintenance or recycling facilities) are the responsibility of organisations outside the parish. They are important to us and we have to continue applying pressure to get what we want, while being realistic about the time this may take.

During October and November, local businesses, voluntary and community groups and individuals are encouraged to add more to the plan so that a first draft can be completed by the end of the year. The focus is now on what actions we are already taking and what actions we can plan, alone or with others, to make sure our community continues to thrive.

 Find out more about:

• The Parish Plan 2013

• The Conversation

• The 2018 Survey


Online survey raw data

StaveleyStrategicPlan this is a draft document intended to highlight many of the issues to be considered in the Staveley Strategic Plan consultation.

Inset-Map-30-Staveley this is a map of Staveley showing the current land allocations from the Lake District National Park Authority.

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